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Careful adjustments & laser therapy


“When I came to Dr Diane one of the things I had just accepted about my body was that I would always have low back pain. Pain to the point of losing my breath whenever I sat down after walking, pain that had my ‘just’ 40 year old body limping in the mornings when I got up for a few hours. Within literally two visits I realized I was not limping in the mornings and I was walking three miles with no pain when I finished. I have come into her office with random twinges and feelings I can’t explain and they are gone sometimes as soon as I walk out. Her compassion and care for all life is what this world could use a lot more of at times, and I always leave feeling calmer and more accepting because of it.”

- J. McGroerty / Aug, 2016 

"I have been seeing Dr. Diane since September 2014. When I first started seeing her I had major back, neck and foot pain.

Within the first year my neck that looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame was gone (the hunchback at top spine). Pain was reduced to minimal aches, nothing like what I started with.

My back took longer but I did have a substantial reduction of pain! She helped me understand how to take care of myself and to remember that I only get this one body and if I don’t take care of it, I will lose my mobility. That is something I was so grateful for in her knowledge of teaching me how to take care of myself.

My feet are harder to deal with as the nerve pain was intolerable at best. With careful adjustments and laser therapy, I have gone from a pain level of a constant 10 to an occasional 10 (due to my lack of going for walks to help circulation) to mostly 1 or 2’s."

T. Johnson / Aug, 2016

“I had a sprained back and came to see Dr. Diane because she had treated me last year with great success. She was able to identify my problem and make gentle adjustments which starting helping the first week. Her advice is very helpful and when I follow it I find relief from my symptoms. Her caring and concern for with her patients make you feel confident in her ability. She diagnoses and explains what is happening in your body so you can understand the process.”

- H. Moses / Aug, 2016 

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