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Subluxation... what is it and does it always cause pain?

subluxation complex

The term "Subluxation" is unique to the Chiropractic profession.

It means "less than or below a luxation". A "luxation" is a dislocation of a joint. To flesh out what this means, imagine a joint in which there are at least two bones that are connected by the soft tissues of muscles and ligaments. This joint, in order to be Subluxated, must be misaligned and occluding (closing up) the opening where the nerves exist, putting pressure on those nerves such that the pressure interferes with the proper nerve impulse going to and from that particular area.

Traditionally, subluxations were analyzed in the vertebral spine as this is where the nerve roots exist and where the proper nerve impulse is so critical. However it is now common for Chiropractors to analyze subluxations in other joints of the body; perhaps in the arms or legs, hands or feet. The point is still the same; the doctor is looking for nerve interference that is causing a problem in a particular area of the body.

The Subluxation may cause pain but it is just as likely that the Subluxation does not cause pain. It is only after the Subluxation has existed for a long period of time or after significant trauma has occurred that the pain begins to be experienced. For this very reason it is important to be checked on a regular basis for Sublxations. Because... it is best to correct the misalignment before significant damage occurs. The damage can be anything from arthritis in the joint to sciatica pain down the leg to... a heart that does not beat regularly or an immune system that doesn't function well... because there is nerve interference.

This is why we need to get checked regularly ... because not only do we want to stay away from the potential pain scenario but also because we want all of our organs and body systems working properly!

Only your Chiropractor can tell you if you have Subluxations... that is their specific specialty!

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