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Sarcopenia...uhm, Stinks!

The Baby Boomers are getting older.

You may even be one of "the crowd" that is beginning to feel the the knees, shoulders and a few other places. Are you noticing that you may need a nap on the weekends? If so, you may be experiencing the beginning stages of Sarcopenia.

The question is; "Is it really NORMAL to slow down as we get older? Is it really NORMAL to feel the aches and pains and become less able to tote those groceries up the back stairs?

The question is actually becoming quite a large concern to the Baby Boomer Generation. The short answer is: NO. It is NOT NORMAL to experience weakness as we age. It is really not normal to have aches and pains here and there. The good news is that...if you are experiencing these symptoms, they are reversible in most cases.

Check out the next blog issue to find out what you can do for your body, because, there is actually quite a lot you can do!

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